Product Portfolio

We supply of all on board network equipment including: Email clients, Management servers, Wifi hardware, Cables, VOIP Phones and service, ships’ internal communication IP based radio systems, Ethernet over power, and Panomax camera systems.
The below photo shows what we arrived onboard to find and then how we left the main server rack.


Both VOIP telephone communication on and off the ship was an early requirement and we now host our own SIP servers. Do you want your ships and head office on the same exchange? Do you need remote office integration whilst ship is in Dry dock? Or simply need your marine manager or superintendent to have his office phone on his mobile device anywhere on the globe? The options are endless. We are also servicing our remote clients’ office facilities for them whereby the ships are simply an extension of the intra office switchboard.


As all marine personnel will understand, both VHF and UHF have severe limitations when incased in a big steel box, aka a ship! By using IP based technology, we developed a system which works wherever there is Wifi, is totally secure, totally license-free, and able to integrate with VOIP phones, external VHF, UHF, FBB and Iridium. The total onboard communication solution, all from one small hand held Icom radio. (in development is a version that will work from any smart phone. Click here for the PDF for an overview of the systems.


Our link with the very innovative company gives us access to a tool to ensure your clients get memories of their trip for a life time. Please click here for direct contact with the supplier to find the solution for your passengers.


We can grow any network, shore-based or vessel-based very cost-effectively by using a simple ethernet over power cable solution. It is very bespoke and thus we need good feedback on your requirements to be accurate in our assessment of costs and viability. We have used this on new and retrofit ships, as well as in several land-based solutions for holiday parks and office buildings that were built prior to ethernet cables being installed and where the installation of these cables would be time consuming and detrimental to the building or grounds.


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