Optimisation of data transfer

The supply of hardware and services for Data compression, Firewalls and QOS.

Years of trying to find solutions for our clients convinced us to put the time into research and development and building our own bespoke solutions. In doing so, we took aspects of existing systems and found ways to make them work together and more efficiently. We believe that today we are the only company that achieves this across the spectrum of products that we offer. Currently, we use these customised solutions to control what and how data is used on board, to put in place fail-safe and fall-over systems so that in worst-case scenarios, the management of the ship and critical systems have priority access. In essence, we have a proven record of running mini cruise ships in the harshest of environments (Arctic and Antarctic) on 2Mbps down and 1Mbps up with between 250 and 300 users. Data compression is a challenge and we have a working solution that coupled with our onboard management is proving to be cost-effective for clients.