Onboard network management

As we remotely and locally manage the “link” between the ship, satellite and ground we have access to control the antenna and all the systems behind it as we do the installation of the networks onboard, it was the natural progression for us to look at ways to be able to manage this and this remote access allows us to do this easily.

Having this remote access allowed us to control the firewall and settings as far as content and permissions. The control of these settings in the firewall makes it possible for us to give owners, shore side IT, and other contractors access to servers and systems aboard in a secure and controlled environment. This allows more control from the shore office, which makes day-to-day management more efficient and thus saves on the bottom line. Crew access is always important. In today’s world, crew expect as part of their contract, to have communication home. We can mix this flow of traffic with passenger and / or ships operational traffic so that there is no interruption of service for anyone aboard. We are able to also set up wifi and wan access for passengers. Thus the owning company can benefit from revenue stream and recover the initial outlay on the hardware and airtime. We have all of the above working on the many ships we operate remote and local maintenance for and can supply references for these services as required.