Onboard network design

We provide both traditional Wired LAN and WiFi plus we have recently teamed up with a specialist in the Ethernet over power field and have adapted it for the marine market.

During our early days and the early days of internet onboard ships and yachts, we discovered quickly that it’s not always the link (ship to satellite to ground station) that is the weak section of the equation. As users onboard grew and the networks didn’t progress it became very obvious that there was a continual blockage of data flow at the switches and servers onboard the vessel. The firewalls available shore side at the time were pretty basic, used too much larger bandwidth, and were way too cumbersome for non-IT people to use, so we took an existing structure and fine-tuned it to do what we needed to make the system flow data efficiently. Today, infrastructure has come along that has made this easier in the new builds and recent retrofits. However, we deal with a lot of ships that are 20-plus years old that were built prior to the internet. Many owners are not happy about spending a fortune on cable runs, etc. that may only be useable for the rest of the life of the ship, i.e., a limited time. By using the features of internet (Ethernet) over power we are able to offer a very quick and easy fix to these owners at a fraction of the cost. Another major benefit being when the ship is scrapped or taken out of service, we can remove the system in a matter of hours and take it to their next acquisition. Please click on the photo above to go to the full version of the document to fully understand one of our basic network designs that offers the client all of our products or can be expanded upon to grow with their needs.