Local communication services

We Supply hardware and airtime for 4G global services

As with our satellite solutions, we are able to offer very competitive cost hardware and airtime. As a large purchaser we can find a solution to match your needs without breaking the bank. We now offer client specific pricing as there are too many variables to offer one published cost. Do you own an RV, caravan, canal boat, or small yacht, and, are you doing a trip around Europe, the USA, or UK? Or, perhaps, a fleet of ships that need affordable connections when in port globally? Our bespoke systems include simple, unobtrusive antennas that can boost range, especially over water, to 35 miles, bonding systems that can add multiple sim cards together for larger bandwidth and data compression. From single sim cards with large data allowances to huge data allowances shared between multiple sim cards across a fleet (for ease of accounting) we have an answer. Solutions start from one month for one device.